Computer: For best performance we recommend a Pentium PC platform with Windows 9+ or a G3+ Mac and a recommended 256MB RAM+, 1GB Hard Drive or better, SVGA monitor.

ALERT!: Disable your Firewall software to unblock your pop-up function if you find you have problems with the downloading of pdf documents and pop-up messages.

Internet connection: Broadband: DSL or Cable modem recommended; 56K modem will slow down the use of the site.

Web browser: Internet Explorer or other equivalent browsers.

PDF Viewer (pdf) stands for Portable Document Format files. In order to read these documents you need an Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® . If it is not already installed on your computer, please click here to download the viewer.

Microsoft Word: Some documents will be in this file format for downloading.

Printer: We urge you to print most, if not all, of the documents into a course binder for later reference. ITCDonline program is a step-by-step learning program in which all the material you have covered in the modules is the responsibility of the student to maintain. Realize that once a module has been completed, you cannot return to that module online. That is why we strongly recommend you to have access to a printer and keep a hard copy of the materials you have covered.

Flash or zip drive or equivalent for storage: The program is 100% online accessible, therefore you must have access to a storage device. If you are taking the course on a public computer, or computer that is accessed by other people, you must save your work to a flash or zip drive. By storing the materials in a backup drive, this ensures that if you lose the downloaded course binder material, you will have the storage backup at your disposal.



Minimum of college education or equivalency in work experience. For International Students a proficiency in English is a course requirement (see also FAQ, "Course Requirements").



Patience: The faster the internet connection and computer speed the less time it will take to download large documents. You need to apply your patience in particular with some PDF documents.

Learning integrity: This program has been designed to enrich your learning and deepen your understanding of the professional practice of Commercial Diplomacy. ITCD trusts that each student will strive to maintain the highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior by fulfilling all course requirements throughout the program. IT IS TO YOUR BENEFIT THAT THE INTEGRITY OF THE PROGRAM BE MAINTAINED.


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